Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

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Re: Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

I think OP has some points not in regards to IQ that makes it versatile.  Compared to the 5DMKIII, the 6D actually does have more DR and shadow banding improvements at the cost of 2 MPs less.  It probably does have the highest ISO performance so it gives you some low-light versatility.  The smart phone tethering is indeed thing that is useful about it is you will never inadvertently shake or move camera position handling any controls you couldn't while tethered.  It is indeed one of the lightest and smallest in the class.  It does take both Canon and Nikon lenses (Nikon's cannot take Canon on the other hand, something to do with flange distance or something right?).  GPS is definitely useful, I would say not carrying around extra gear is definitely a big sign of versatility.  Nikon liveview is often reputed to be very bad.  The Canon 6D Liveview is good now, and will be incredibly good when enhanced with Magic Lantern in the future where its wi-fi is only potentially going to be even more useful.

Obviously the OP is in a honeymoon period with his camera, but he does have some good points.

That said, I am fine with my 5DMKII and still think in the entire scheme of things it is not a *massive* upgrade of sorts to me since I'm not a landscape photographer, and to me its more of a side-grade especially until 4 years from now I know that the 6D's 100k shutter count is just as good as the 5D's 150k, etc.  I'd also like to see far more exhaustive reviews to see how its shutter lag and AF points really compare...I know the 5DMKIII blows away the 5DMKII in these regards, but with the 6D its mostly just anecdotes.

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