surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: surprising lack of interest in G5 review

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

BitsBob wrote:

I agree there seems to be a lack of interest at the G5. About me: moved from Canon 40D to GF1 mainly for size of kit and loved it. Then got the G3, very good camera but did not really connect and was waiting for the GH3. Glued to DPReview for news on the release of the GH3, visited my camera shop and found that the GH3 is too large, and the money has been spent on video improvements, not for me.

So I have puchased the G5 and it has been a great decision, I like the better colour, the better JPEG engine, better ergonomics, and still keeping a sensible size. All those that mention about the sensor how many photos do you print? can you really tell the difference? I did consider the OMD but did not want a camera that could not do fill in flash. I have the Pan 14-45, 25, and 14, a great kit. I would strongly recommend the G5.

Sounds to me like your someone who takes pictures rather than examing specs in great detail. Nice to make your acquaintance.

I love my G5 too and have seen very few pictures posted from an E-M5 that I couldn't achieve with my G5. (no criticism of the EM-5 here just I haven't seen the evidence that is significantly better,I deal with pictures not specs)

On the other hand I have taken pictures with my G5 that I haven't seen the like of from an EM-5 and I have even heard EM-5 users saying they wouldn't recommend it for action shots.

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With any kit thats a great photo

Please don't take this question as rude

How well did the AF do here. Was it total luck, or was the AF confidently keeping up?

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