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lkk324 wrote:

Thank you everyone for such wonderful info. It has helped immensely! I have a lot of things to buy so I want to make sure Im spending my money wisely. I had no idea how expensive this hobby can get!!!

It seems Elements is more for what I want at this point. I want all the editing ability...cloning....all that stuff. I am going to watch the videos tho and then download the trial before I buy.

My confusion is this..............I have hear that elements is more a beginner interface with the basics.....but then I am hearing from others that they thought elements is hard to understand and LR is easier. I am coming from not using any PP other then what Kodak easyshare software was able to do lol so it wasn't much. My mind is blank on all of this. I have played in faststone but really thats it. If I don't know what a term means I will google so Im ok with that.

Another question..........I usually view all of my pics that I haven't already deleted off my camera in faststone so I can delete from there as well if needed. Can you delete directly from Elements?

Will I need DPP if I download Elements???

Thanks everyone! I really really appreciate all this great info. Its a bit overwhelming starting out in this whole photography process.

Finally. Should I just be shooting raw or raw+jpeg? Can you just upload raw and be done with it or do you have to process it if you want to share it. Sorry if thats a silly question. Remember....Im new


Elements is a "beginner" version by comparison to the full brown photoshop but it's a very powerful and flexible package.  If you buy the book that was suggested or watch some videos you'll pick up the basics pretty quickly.  When you see comparisons to LR being easier that's partly because LR doesn't have as much power for editing (less tools to learn) and partly because it uses a different way to describe the tools it does have -- little more intuitive for people that don't already have a background.

Regardless though, they are both sufficiently powerful that a book or video series is a good idea.

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