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If you are on a Mac, you should really check out Aperture. Aperture allows you to choose between a referenced library, which is what Lightroom or the Organizer uses; OR you can use a managed library. I love the managed library. This prevents you from doing anything to the master file unless you are actually in Aperture. You can't access the file outside of Aperture. You could export a version of the image of course for access outside of Aperture. Saves me boatloads of headaches!

My suggestion would be to try to find some web videos so you can watch folks using each and get a better sense of what they are like in use.

Agreed. Again, I think all of the suggestions to use Ligbhtroom are from folks using both Elements & Lightroom! Which is to say: start with Elements. An Organizer library can always be upgraded to a Lightroom library!


I'm a windows user so wasn't able to ever try out aperture.  That sounds like a good control to have available.  I know enough to not touch the files but I can see where it could avoid a lot of confusion for people that are trying to learn the new model.

I don't disagree with Elements being a good place to start for most people.  It does everything that most people will need and assmuning you pick it up on sale is very affordable.  I went the opposite way and started with LR and added Elements when I had a specific need.   Back then though the organizer functions in things like PSE weren't as strong as they are now and that's a lot of what drove my decision.

I had actually started with paint shop pro and never liked it which is one of the other things that led me to look at LR.

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