Olympus' Toshi Terada discusses the future of Four Thirds and compacts

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Re: Four Thirds upgrade cycles

illy wrote:

but i do wonder how much longer traditional APS-C Dslr's will be about, Canon will replace the 7D and i doubt a D300s replacement will ever appear, i guess there is still a market but it's dwindling in favour of FF. Mirrorless will grow and grow and i think it will replace many Dslr's for a lot of people, i think it's wiser to spend the money on that path than try to fight in a market that potentially has 5 to 10 years maximum left in it.

I think what we are doing to see is lower end OVF dSLR's disappear. Most people born in the last 20 years have never used a camera with an optical VF. Most P&S ditched them a long time ago and phones never had them. "Consumers" are used to arms length live view type shooting and prefer it. It's one reason mFT has proven so popular.

I'd be willing to bet nikon/canon will make their lower tier dSLR's mirrorless once PDAF on sensor is possible, so they don't abandon their users lenses. Neither has introduced a new "pro" APS-c lens in a while. FF bodies will soon, if not already, be sold at the prices that previously were occupied by high end APS-c models. They see the writing on the wall too. For Olympus to re-enter a market where the main player are leaving would be suicide.

I do hope olmpus does do at least one more pro E7 type body. I would likely buy one to use my HQ DZ glass with but also continue to expand my nikon system into FF. I find both systems have their good/bad points and see no reason to choose between one or the other.

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