Help pls what's the best walk around kit lens.

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Re: Help pls what's the best walk around kit lens.

eliehbk wrote:

Hi, I own the omd with the 12-50mm kit lens and the panasonic 25mm + the Olympus 45mm. I want a walk around lens that I can use in day light and that does not cost much. I am disappointed in the 12-50 and would like you opinion on a replacement. I can not justify the price of the panasonic 12-35 so I was thinking about the panasonic 14-45mm, what do you think?

Thank you.

Alright, I'm one of those that will say the 14-45mm is clearly optically better than the 12-50mm. Everything I have read and seen point to this. On the other hand, unless you are utterly disappointed with your 12-50mm, I doubt it's worth getting a 14-45mm unless you plan to sell your 12-50mm or keep the 12-50mm as a backup for (literally) rainy days.

On the flip side, the 12-50mm is more versatile. It's much more wider and a bit longer. Course it's also a bit larger as well. And again, also weather sealed. Having said all this, it's probably a wash between the two. Depends on your preference. Gain some versatility with the 12-50mm or gain some optical performance with the 14-45mm. The differences are a personal choice but probably isn't too significant.

The 12-35mm is of course better all around optically and build wise. Is it worth the difference in price though? Hm...that depends on you. If you need a zoom and you just can't stand the performance of your 12-50mm...and you can actually afford the 12-35mm, then yes, I would expect that you would be satisfied with the 12-35mm. If you say no to any of that then it's a much harder decision. Course if you can't afford it, well, no reason to even consider it.

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