Canon EOS IDX User Thread

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Re: Canon EOS IDX User Thread

Why get this camera?

I got it because I can get "the shot."

Will it make you a better photographer or be such an upgrade in image quality that it is worth $6k? No.

It's been said that most of what makes a great photographer is being there; right time, right place and the right equipment to be able to capture it.

I use it because I shoot little kids running around in all sorts of light and don't want to miss the moment.  With this camera, I can capture the moment in many more situations and have a higher probability of getting GREAT shots.  I want to capture these moments in the best quality possible before they slip away.  So, once again, I need a camera that is there, focuses, exposes properly, high quality, and does it quickly.

I was a 1D Mark III, Mark IV, and now 1DX owner.  While I am not yet going to say that this camera is the "end-all, be-all," it certainly is headed in the right direction.  I am still playing with the focus system to get it exactly the way I want.  I haven't yet been able to get 100% keepers.  My fantasy?  While the camera can track a moving target and has facial recognition, I'd like it to automatically focus on the eyes.

But it is clearly faster and better than my Mark IV.  I like full frame so far and it is useful for portraits and wide angle.  High ISO is superior to Mark IV and this is extraordinary helpful in my shooting.

Another way to look at the 1DX is to look at the opposite.  I recently pulled out my 20D as I was teaching my son.  The camera was slow, unable to focus quickly, couldn't focus in low light or take pictures in low light, ISO max 1600, etc.  I could get the shot unless it was lit perfect and standing still.  That is when I really missed having the 1DX in my hands.

In summary, I believe that the best camera is one that I almost don't that doesn't limit me.  It's the camera I get so used to that it just seems right. I think that the future will not only hold incrementally better images and higher resolution, but also will be smaller.  The 1DX is not a casual camera to always carry with me.  But, of cours, this is just the state of technology today.

I can't count how many times I would see a scene that I believed would make the ultimate image but didn't have my camera with me or was too slow to pick it up and take the shot, etc.

My ultimate camera in the future?  One that is implanted in the eyes, always ready-to-go, and with instant focus exactly where I want based on my gaze.

Untill then, the 1DX is best camera I've used so far.

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