GF3 w/14mm, odd man out?

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Re: GF3 w/14mm, odd man out?

Setter Dog wrote:

tbaker wrote:

I had the GF2 and the 14mm(plus a few other lenses) and my FZ150 blew it away in IQ for every subject I shot, even my friends agreed just to be sure. Best suggestion is sell that paper weight combo(sadly as a loss to learn a pricey lesson), and use it for a rainy day, or photo trip with your more than superb FZ200. You might get more responses at the m4/3 forum as this is the FZ forum.

Your comment shows just how little I use the GF3. I had already forgotten that it was m43 format.

I'm thinking I may keep the little dude since it isn't worth much right now and it does take really good pictures.


Well the lens is worth say 155, and the body another 130. So you could sell it for $240 or so for the combo. Which, then you could use the money for a rainy day or gas fare for a photo trip somewhere cool. Trust me, it's a useless paperweight vs the FZ200, even in low light.

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