Panasonic 100-300 or ......?

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Re: Panasonic 100-300 or ......?

paulieRD wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I'd say that makes it a really tough call ...

That's for sure!

Well, once you get your dSLR, you need to get rid of all these two bodies and two lenses. Whilst if you had a superzoom you could keep the superzoom as a second grab it and go camera or as a substitute for slow zooms in the dSLR lineup.

I know a lot of people who start dSLR ownership with an 18-55 and 55-200/300 slow zooms pair. I personally don't see any reason for this but this is what people do to get FoV coverage and keep cost reasonable. Well with an FZ200, when you get a dSLR you don't need a kit zoom. You don't need a slow long zoom either. You could start with a single prime, then move on to two primes, and so on and you may not feel obliged to have any slow zooms because that FZ weighs the same as a slow dSLR zoom so you could take that together with your SLR which will have exclusively primes and eventually fast zooms.

Plus the two M43 bodies plus two slow zooms proposal does not give the entire coverage of the FZ. Apart from this making them less useful as combinations with the dSLR, right now this could prove limiting. One might also find that when they do need the FoV, they are riding on some vehicle without any means of getting closer to or further away from a scene. The other guy simply adjusts his FZ and goes on shooting. You are forced to shoot at 42mm and hope to crop later. The 42mm end of these kit zooms are not known to have super IQ and if you are forced to crop from that, I'm sure you won't beat the FZ set to the right FL without cropping.

If you have decided to move to dSLR at the near future, as stated in the OP, don't expand your M43 system, which in its current state is easy to ditch, and an expanded one could become too difficult to get rid of, perhaps even emotionally. And that may result in your not going dSLR after all. Decisions made now may influence future plans...

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