Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

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Re: Almost

Nigel Wilkins wrote:

technic wrote:

DVT80111 wrote:

except a swivel screen.

agree, we don't all work with iGadgets ...

Can't understand that OP doesn't mention the loss of swivel screen as a negative, especially when frequently doing tripod work. I don't doubt for a moment that it would be more convenient than working with 6D + iPhone ...

A Swivel screen would definitely improve things, but using an iPhone or iPad or any other tablet is very convenient when the tripod's at low level. Using a Hoodman loupe on the iPhone allows me to manually focus quite comfortably.

I think both would be good - hehe.

In fact, looking at the button layout and general design, I have a feeling that Canon were considering a swivel screen for the 6D. It may well have been dropped quite late in the prototype stage. Of course, I might be way off the mark with this too! Only the Canon insiders would know for sure - and they wont be talking.

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