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tbaker wrote:

Actually the real truth is, and it's something Panasonic will only admit behind close doors, they don't want you to buy the FZ. They want you to buy their over priced paperweight m4/3 cameras and subsequently their over priced and under quality lenses. They will also tell you in close doors, the FZ200 is the best camera they make in terms of everything period; but, if they made it better, with an even better sensor on and already top quality camera, it would take away sales from their DSLC and lenses. It's about what best for maximizing profits not what's best for consumers.

We've heard this same argument over the years for Canon and Nikon protecting their DSLR business as well - and it is always pure speculation that comes from someone who was not in attendance at those secretive meetings. There may a a bit of truth to it, but I don't believe Panasonic has deliberately crippled the FZ200 in favor of their DSLC business. The fact that they're doing a fair amount of promotion for the FZ200 seems to counter that notion.

If they really didn't want people buying the FZ, they would simply stop making it. Since DxOMark testing found the FZ150 and FZ200 sensors are nearly identical, it suggests that using their own part may provide a price and/or control benefit for Panasonic with the FZ200.

Trust me, if Panasonic could truly produce the "super" camera, they would - they'd be glad to take market share from all of their competitors.

I am 100% sure they could, they just don't want to. Hell, look at Canon and the G1X. That camera has almost an APS-C size sensor, but then is slow so it doesn't fully step on the toes of their lower end DSLC. Panasonic wants you to buy lenses, there is no incentive for them if you bought an FZ200, because they know you will keep that camera until it stops working. Unlike their DSLC systems where people are always upgrading bodies to they can get the "latest" sensors, and features, to work better with their overpriced lens just "had to have." I am not sure where you see ads for the FZ200, because the only time I see an ad for it here and no where else.

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