S100 or RX100

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Re: S100 or RX100

Great pictures LTZ470.

It looks like you are enjoying your camera as well.

But let's be honest,

all of your pictures can be taken with S100 for a half of the price you paid.

Especially if one will need them for Facebook or small prints purpose, like OP.

LTZ470 wrote:

Regarding low light magic of RX100,

looks like all of your "night shots" could be done even with 1/2.3' sensored camera without any compromisation in IQ.

And again at night out with the kiddos riding a Ferris Wheel...

Even the cheapest Canon compact can deliver same IQ

at ISO100 1/100sec or ISO200 1/30 sec settings.

However, Canon S100 user will have an advantage to go 24mm and capture the scene from the beautiful much wider perspective.

LTZ470, please show us some of your ISO4000 wide apperture real shots from RX100 (like in the picture I posted)

Canon S100 ISO4000 (processed RAW)

because we are still concerned that RX100 pricetag is simply not justified.

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