Underwater housing for RX100

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Meikon or NB - Anyone actually used one?

Has anyone read any reviews or known anyone who actually used one of these Meikon or NB cases?

I'm a little leery. Also find it odd that there are tons of these listed on ebay and other sources for some cameras but only a couple non-USA eBay listings for the RX100.

I'm interested in something for my RX-100 for (a) keeping it dry at the beach and while riding in the front of a catamaran where I know it will get splashed, and (b) snorkeling where I often dive down 20 feet or more.

I'm considering buying a Digipac or some similar bag for the use above (but near) the water and skipping the snorkeling. I have a marine case for a Canon 300HS (basic small P&S camera) I should probably use for the snorkeling as it is just a few vacation pics, but I'd sure rather use my RX100.

If I didn't already have the Canon I'd consider getting the Ikelite case, but spending another $400 just for a few vacation snorkeling photos is over the worth of it to me when I can do some snapshots with the Canon.

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