Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Re: Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

Mr Fartleberry wrote:

GP-1 US - $194.95

GP-1 Canada - $279.95

Nikon EN-EL15 US - $59.95

Nikon EN-EL15 Canada - $99.95

And every other Nikon accessory sold in the 2 countries. Shame on you.

I stay down in the US for around 4+ months a year, and when I come back to Toronto .. the sticker shock on absolutely everything is sickening.

I pay around twice to three times as much for things such as groceries, drug store stuff, you name it.

the first time I experienced this it took me around 2 weeks after I was back in canada to purchase groceries .. because I kept on looking at the prices going .. I'm not paying that for that .. until I realized that eating out wasn't any better

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