Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

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Re: Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

technic wrote:

schmegg wrote:

It's probably not the best landscape camera ever and it's certainly not the most versatile camera ever either.

agree, it looks more 'dumbed-down' than 'best and most versatile'. But yes, it can still be a good camera for some despite that.

IMHO 6D is severely lacking on many points that are important for landscape photographers. Much lower DR, lower resolution than the competition, worse viewfinder, no swivel screen (I know, most competitors don't have it but the 60D had one, so disappointing). For those who do a little more than just static subjects (e.g. some wildlife, often an additional subject for landscape photographers) the AF may be disappointing too.

To me all the current Canon FF DSLRs look like variations on the same theme: 20 MP wedding/events cameras where some features are removed in lower models so they can sell at lower price. Only the lower weight and slightly smaller size 0f 6D might be more appropriate for a 'landscape camera', but for those working with a tripod that can't be an important issue. And it still looks much heavier than necessary, I have no doubt a FF DSLR can be made much smaller and lighter.

Horses for courses. I think the OP made some good points in his opening post. And I dothink the 6D is a terrific camera too. Not sure I go quite so far as the OP though. It's certainly a capable landscape body for sure, and it has some tricks that others don't that might be handy (thinking wireless shooting and integrated GPS for instance). But "most versatile landscape camera ever"? I don't think the OP really actually thinks that TBH. It's certainly a well designed thread title for generating discussion though.

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