Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Re: Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

Mr Fartleberry,

Yes, it is scandalous. I have seen products selling for 3 times as much in Canada which is why more and more I order from a reliable eBay seller or someone else in the US. Here are a couple of specific personal experiences:

(1) BMW sells cars for about 25% more in Canada. Their rep told me its because of our cold weather meaning the vehicles have to have a "winter driving package". Give me a break! $10,000 for a $16.95 ($50 installed) block heater? Don't N. Dakota and Minnesota have just as cold winters? Don't Americans drive their BMW's to Canada in winter for skiing and do those vehicles suddenly freeze up when they hit the border?  Lies.

(2) I purchased online and "new in the package" a Sony digital audio recorder from a US retailer at $99.95 + $15 shipping. The Sony store in Canada charges over $300. When I confronted the dealer here with the price difference he said "It's because of the exchange rate". The Canadian dollar has been at par with the US for over a year and even before that it was only 5 cents below for 2 years. I pointed this out to the store manager. He then told me Sony will not honor the warranty here on a US purchase. I replied Sony stuff never breaks anyway but if it did I could order 2 more units from the US and still break even. He told me to "Get out of the store".

These days I always play hardball when buying. When it comes to photo equipment I show my dealer the US price and inform him if he won't match I will order from an eBay retailer or make my next purchase there while on vacation (I don't care about warranty restrictions). As far as Nikon goes I can usually get a fair price this way.

I know the cost of living is higher here and expect to pay a bit more but 30%, 200%?

IMO if Canadians quit acting like mice and resisted these inflated prices something would happen. Walk away from a bad deal. Order online from the US and let the locals know that's what you are doing. Just about everything comes across the border duty-free anyway.

Best wishes,


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