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Re: Viewfinder!

peppermonkey wrote:

I haven't gone to any safari's myself but I would imagine it would be very bright there. Some people have already mentioned this but I think it bears mention again. If you are going to spend all that money to go on a safari, then you should also invest in a camera that has or can have a viewfinder! Because otherwise there is a good chance that bright sunlight will make it really hard to see what you are taking a photo of via viewing the back LCD screen.

I don't know how good these are since I have never used one but another option is to get those LCD viewfinder cover thingies. Basically a hood for your LCD display that you can attach to the back of your camera. Sorry, don't know what they are called but any camera store should have it.

Personally I would just go with a camera that has a viewfinder if at all possible. Last resort would be that LCD hood/shade thing.

That's a great idea ... the shades by people like Delkin etc are around 20 bucks and would help a great deal.

The hoods that create a real EVF experience are much more money, and close enough in price to a G3 body at BHPhoto or KEH to make the latter a much better choice.

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