GX1– still a good buy in 2013?

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Re: GX1– still a good buy in 2013?

thetrystero wrote:

How does/will it compare with the eos m or any other potential m4/3 coming out this year?

I'm not sure how the gx2 would be priced but I assume out of reach for at least 6months.

The gx1 twin kit lens can be had for a little under usd$500 (converted from aussie dollars) which is round about my budget.

The two things I don't like about the gx1 is the lack of 180 swivel (lots of self cam) and low res LCD. Can I correct these two flaws with anything that's in the same price range?

It is still a good choice and will be a good camera for a long time, the GX1 has a very pleasant form, and a good built. Image quality is good and easy to use. You may also consider the EPL5.

But there are more candidates.

The GX2 from what I have read is a bit delayed, maybe Panasonic Lumix want to launch this camera with a new sensor. The GX1 now is a good buy, as the prices have dropped.

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