surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: G5 is just a Repackage G3 without sensor improvements

The Imaging Resources review cited here (which is also the subject of another thread) suggests that EM-5 treatment of finer details may be a product of greater in camera sharpening rather than superiority over the G5. On the other hand, it likes the image quality of the G3 a bit better than the G5. A lot of knit picking going one about the merits of one sensor or another, or the processing engine. Clearly the G5 does have a different sensor.

In general from what I have read, the G5 is a significant improvement over the G3 - Jalywol summarizes some of these improvements. Personally I would rather have a GH3 or a GX2 with a GH3 sensor, but I don't think it is fair to slam the G5 as a repackaging of the G3. Perhaps it is more just to say that it is a less sexy but reasonable alternative to the EM-5 at half the price.

The other part of the question is just how much enthusiasm do we expect about threads with reviews? Perhaps we cannot assume that this is a good indicator of interest in a camera.


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