Question on Epson R2880 and R3000

Started Feb 8, 2013 | Questions thread
johnfmclaughlin Forum Member • Posts: 52
Re: Question on Epson R2880 and R3000

iv'e used nothing but epson printers since the early 2000's, i always turn my printer off when not in use so it goes through a cleaning cycle when powered on, some friends of mine always leave their printers on and say they have never had cloggs due to "built in cleaning cycles" but i can't really verify the effectiveness of that. if you really want to be sure, print a quick nozzle check pattern prior to printing and you will save yourself from potential grief from a wasted print.

the quality of the prints from epson printers are among the best if not the best of the bunch as of this year, yes you will get some headaches with clogged heads on occasion but the quality of the print far outweighs the problems. there are others that can get far more technical if you want, and i'd be lying if a said that i never wanted to set my printer on fire, but at the end of the day none of the other printers will give you the image quality of the epson.

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