D600 . AF in tungsten light

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Re: Opinions or valuable information?

amobi wrote:

Man you are one lucky individual.

I am part of the majority, actually.  Happy users don't spend all day on forums complaining, they are too busy using their cameras.

Everything you touch, turn into gold.

Please quote me saying anything even remotely close to that.

Everything you own function flawlessly.

Please quote me saying anything remotely close to that.  My Nikon equipment, however, all functions perfectly as Nikon intended.  Why is that so hard to believe?

Nikon should shut down their customer service department. I'm sure your D600 has no oil spots on the sensor.

Actually neither of my two D600's have oil spots, after thousands of actuations, not even when I do ridiculous test shots at F22.  My colleagues with D600's do not have any oil issue either, but many people on this forum find it impossible to believe anyone who has a properly functioning camera, even though there are several in this thread alone.

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