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TeamTQ wrote:

Sometimes the best stores just jerks for employees. While I have not had a problem with B&H I once had a problem with Adorama. I wanted to "quietly & Discreetly" sell about $20,000 worth of equipment to Adorama. I filled out the online info request and specified exactly how and where to contact me - Steve Chill, an eployee of Adorama took it upon hilself to to call every phone number I ever used. Numbers that were not on the contact request. In doing so he contacted my ex wife and business partner and my mother... What I was doing was none of their business and did not owe anyone an explanition... For Steve Chill at Adorama give him a big F U.... But I stll buy from Adorama because one "bad apple should not ruin the barrell".

Sorry to hear about that....wow...Thanks for sticking with us...I certainly will have a word with Steve.

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