Building a Editing Desktop ? Where do most folk start ?

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Re: how about this?

A few comments to the poster above me:

- 850W PSU is overkill, even for a system with a GTX670 graphics card (which, as was mentioned more than once, is completely unnecessary for an editing machine). The GTX670 uses less than 200W when fully loaded (,3217-15.html), the i7-3770K will be below 100W. Add 100-150W for assorted random hardware (which is high, even for a multi-HDD system) and generous headroom and a quality 500W model will easily suffice. Note that cheap power supplies are not able to supply their stated wattage continuously, so manufacturers of graphics cards and other hardware usually greatly overstate the PSU-wattage needed to power their products, to ensure that people that buy poor PSUs don't come knocking on the door when their new GPU doesn't work.

- Even when using multiple harddisks, it's very hard to recommend a RAID setup for hobbyist purposes. The only benefit of a RAID system is the ability to be able to keep working when a harddisk fails. The drawback is added complexity and introducing another possible point of failure (the raid controller, especially with RAID-5). For a regular home user with good backups, the loss of a harddisk is an inconvenience which might cost him a bit of time due to restoring the backup, but nothing more. Only if it's essential that your system remains usable non-stop, is RAID recommended. That, and if you combine the redundancy of RAID with error-checking features of advanced filesystems like ZFS, but that's way outside regular Windows-dekstop-territory.

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