Zeiss 24mm vs...? options?

Started Feb 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Russell Evans Forum Pro • Posts: 12,422
Re: Zeiss 24mm vs...? options?

The Metabones Speed Adapter puts an interesting twist on things.

You can get a Canon 20mm f2.8, Canon 24mm f2.8, Canon 35mm f2, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 85mm f1.8. and the Metabones Speed Adapter, for about $2800 new.  That covers the 10-18mm, the 16mm f2.8, 24mm f1.8, 35mm f1,8 and sort of the 50mm f1.8, which is around $2,915.00 new. The price of a new 16mm at B&H is about $100 more than you will pay on eBay, so it will be about $2800 for either setup. I really wish someone would test out the Canon lenses with the Speed Adapter to see if the optical performance is there.

I probably would buy the Sigma e-mount lenses, 19mm, 30mm, and 60mm, when I wanted a small system setup, maybe another $500 for that?

Thank you

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