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It matters for the simple reason that there is a distinction between the two, and not just in terms of semantics. An opinion is exactly that, someone's opinion and nothing more. It may be right, it may be wrong, it may or may not chime with ideas that another person already holds, but either way it is just someone's ideas, based upon their knowledge, experience, prejudices, thoughts and intelligence. A review by its nature aspires to be somewhat more objective in that it should be evidence based, and that evidence would be clearly stated. The author will then draw conclusions and form opinions, but the evidence upon which they are founded will be clear for the reader to see.

If sample images can be considered evidence, then I think the posted link fits your definition of a review: the author took images with different cameras, posted some examples, compared the images, and formed an opinion/conclusion.

There is no guarantee that a review will be right any more than an opinion. If data is misinterpreted, if key data is omitted, or if incorrect assumptions are made, those would be good reasons to dismiss a review. An opinion without supporting evidence would prompt me to investigate further, but I wouldn't assume it's incorrect just because it's just an opinion.

I'm back to: people seem to be saying the posted link is bad because it only states opinions. Why not just call the posted link a bad review rather than say it's just a bunch of opinions? Is an opinion somehow worse than a bad review?

I think that many here are "way over thinking" this topic. The thread has become opinions about whether reviews are opinionated. Of course ALL reviews express some degree of opinion. The relevance of the review to the reader is how credible the review is to the reader. Generally, the more you actually know (versus what you think you know) about a topic, the higher your credibility standard becomes. It is very apparent that there are many with low thresgholds for credibility, others have much more stringent requirements. This leads to a very wide range of opinions...and on we go.

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