eneloop vs eneloop XX

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Re: eneloop vs eneloop XX

GarageBoy wrote:

The issue with 2700mAh+ NiMHs (non low self discharge) is that they did not age well at all. After a few cycles, they self discharged in a week
(charge monday, dead friday)

Eneloops maybe lower capacity, but much more reliable

That is my experience, too. I only use Eneloops now. I have many sets of 4 AAs for flashguns. The non Eneloops will not hold for a few days. I got a fancy slow charger to protect their life cycle, that means long charging time. By the time I charge the 4th or 5th set the first sets are useless. I gave a shot to Eneloops before going to non chargeable and I am pleased with them so far.

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