Seller's remorse - me - an S95 - you?

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Re: Seller's remorse - me - an S95 - you?

Not for me. I sold my S95 over a year ago and haven't looked back. It was a good camera, but I was never happy with the soft jpeg rendering and battery life was short enough to annoy.

I wanted a camera with better IQ and also wanted to dump the SLR, so looked at mirrorless. Nex models were small, felt good in hand and had great sensors, but the lenses are quite large and the kit zoom disappointing. Looked at the Panny GF5 or G5, but no good deals on them and no reviewers would touch them until very recently (too late). I ended up going with a Nikon J1. I'm pretty happy. Good high ISO shots (not as good as SLR, but much better than S95) lenses are great and the telezoom is small compared to other mirrorless. It is not a perfect system to be sure (none is), but it works well for me.

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