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Re: That's twice now

MisterPootieCat wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

MisterPootieCat wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

I don't consider a limit to 1600 in auto a con personally though.

Are you sure?

A quote from you:

Both optically and digitally, this camera has excellent IQ even into the higher ISO settings. ISO 3200 is completely useable up to 11x14" quite often which is amazing to me. And if you don't mind grain in your images (I don't) up to 6,400 at that print size. ISO 12,800 can be coaxed into a nice 5x7 at the very least, or, an 8x10 in a pinch.

That I'm sure.

I don't use Auto ISO, so again, for the cheap seats, no it doesn't bother me.

I can however see that it might come in useful for users who rely on the camera to make decisions for them, but I'm not writing a review from their perspective.


Funny how Canon released an almost unprecedented firmware upgrade that fixed this cheap seat function in the 7D, among other things.

Unless you're shooting in full manual mode/exposure the camera is making boat loads of decisions and you've also urged user's to use and enjoy the HDR, Night Shot, and Creative Filters of the G15. These features (that I use BTW) not only take over so much of the decision making they seem to go a bit far in what they disable, like the simple ability to move the AF point.

I can see how Auto ISO could be valuable when you lock the shutter speed and aperture like how Pentax does it on the TAV mode, but I still never use Auto ISO.

Why are you so fixated on this issue with my review? I gave my opinion and you won't accept it. I stand by it. What else is there to say?


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