Quality Control of the Pentax K-30 and the K-5 II and K- 5 II s

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Re: Quality Control of the Pentax K-30 and the K-5 II and K- 5 II s

No, it was "Fotga" brand and I ordered it direct from China. I should have known better but I was tempted by the price and the description (mutli-layered, etc.) In fairness to them, I used the same protector on a K-01 and I had no issues. I didn't realize it would be so brittle though - it's definitely glass or a glass-like acrylic (?) that has very little (if any) flex. So whatever you do, which is probably true of ANY brand protector, DON'T try to peel it off to re-position it. Instead, put it on right the first time. If you have to remove it, be EXTREMELY careful.

Also, a good tip is to have the LCD turned ON when you place it. I did that with the K-01 and so there was less opportunity for a mishap that way. Contrary to what I've seen others post, from my experience the Pentax LCD "glass" is a relatively soft and scratch-able polycarbonate (there's certainly no Gorilla glass here). Screen protectors are a good idea. Just make sure you get a good one.

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