Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

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Re: Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

Good topic. My experience is that slight to moderate differences in image quality usually can be detected in prints at or larger than 13x19" in most cases. Obviously subject matter plays a huge role; something with fine detail to the edges and corners will show more differences than a seascape with a few rocks at sunset which has realistically less fine detail.

An example: I ran a print (13x19" size) comparison - a blind test - between the Nikon d7000 with 60/2.8G AFS against the Nikon D700 with the 85/1.8G - roughly similar focal lengths on a scene with detail out to the edges and corners. Blind test, 4 out of 5 viewers could see the difference at normal viewing differences (and preferred, as I did I, the print from the d700, mostly because of the better corner performance). However, if I were to do that test at 8x10" or web sized images, the differences wouldn't really be noticeable.


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