Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

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Re: Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?


Yes, it’s emerged in my research more than in my actual photography.  I’m using DX now but looking to move to a D600.  I think (hope) that this will be a big step up from my D90, but finding a walkabout lens that has very good IQ and isn’t too big/heavy is the problem.  The 24-85mm would be perfect for me in terms of focal length, size, weight and price.  I do take in what reviews say about various lenses and whilst most sites say it’s a good lens with very good centre sharpness, they also say this sharpness reduces quite a bit as you go towards the edges/corners.

I tend to agree with everything you say.  I reckon they and many professionals on this site analyse the lens’ performance in depth and are looking for optimum performance.  I’m not a professional and don't crave absolute perfection.  If I’m using a wide aperture to isolate a subject then I’m not worried about edge-to-edge sharpness anyway.  I guess it’s in landscape and general outdoor scenes I was thinking of.

Would you say that the 24-85 on a D600 would beat a D90 with 16-85 in terms of image quality?  That’s what I need to know, because if it doesn’t then I have to look for a better lens, which means bigger and much more expensive.

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