A77 high ISO firmware/software updates:

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Re: A77 high ISO firmware/software updates:

deek11 wrote:

Have any A77 updates resulted in better high iso performance - i.e at 800, 1600 and 3200.

It looks good value in the UK at the moment but the reputed high iso noise still bothers me.

The firmware hasn't improved High ISO performance, BUT, better understanding of the camera has allowed everyone to realise that the High ISO performance isn't actually half as bad as anyone first thought..

Cutting through all the 'discussions' you could just look at the original DPReview A77 review and see how they show you that you can (in RAW) actually equates very well indeed to the A55 16MP sensor, it's all really down to how you view the data..


What you have to overcome is 3 things

1. High ISO gains in the A77 mean that you do have to 'think' a little more to ensure it's gathering a good amount of light to then give comparable exposure times/apertures to other cameras

2. Viewing 1:1 is always going to look worse, noise is about the sensor size primarily, so the more pixels, the worse it looks, but if you print or view them at the same physical size, the 'image' noise is almost indentical

3. You do need to sometimes work a bit more in RAW on the noise as the higher pixel level noise is not dealt with evenly by all RAW converters..

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