Really like Sigma’s 35 1.4 Art Line Series

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What I would like to get is a 20mm to complement my range - currently I stop at 25mm with my Nikkor 25-50/4 - but I also would love a conveniently sized 28mm, because that's my "home".

@ J Mankila, If you don't want a 35, do check out Nikon's 28 1.8 lens.

Thanks for the tip!

I'm not sure, but we might've been writing our posts at the same time, as I responded to Björn's advice on the Nikkor 28/1.8 just above. Basically, I love the low weight and small length of the Nikkor, but quality control issues as well as slight blurring in what I consider the most important part of the image area are making me doubtful.

My only experience with the lens, however, is test shots, so I might be wrong in judging it at this point.

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Janne Mankila, Finland

Don’t give up that easily, if that was my "home FL" I’d feel downright my duty to test it for myself

- renting or buying this one for a test shouldn’t be difficult. Mike here and perhaps others, and other sources, will likely add on field curvature if that is the main concern, his reports carry some weight with many myself included. In my experience, it takes some extras sometimes to figure out things exactly. i.e. one or two reports or hints can’t put me off that easily. It has worked for me greatly couple of times.

Out of those FLs you mentioned earlier, I personally see 24mm Sigma the one that is most likely. But how about checking the new 18-35/3.5-4.5g. - quite a bright zoom. These FLs are 2mm down from the wide end and in the middle of its range. First reports and experience shouldn’t be too far away. I wouldn’t discount the new lightly-built design automatically, they can be surprisingly good, also, in comparison with older glass. just a thought.

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