RX100 Exposure bracket question - only two images

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Re: RX100 Exposure bracket question - only two images

Stephen McDonald wrote:

rio911 wrote:

chong4321 wrote:

Hi. I wonder if any RX100 users have encountered the same problem/issue?

I tried my RX100 for the first time under exposure bracket at both 0.3 and 0.7

Each time only two images came out per shot. one at 0.0 EV setting and the other at -0.3 or -0.7

there was no +0.3 or +0.7

Is my camera defective?



I can't exactly remember how it works but make sure that you don't release the shutter button too early. Just hold it until you hear the three clicks and/or the camera returns to normal pre-shooting display.


How did the two exposures look? Was the exposure a bit towards over-exposed at .0 EV? If so, the camera may be smart enough to not shoot at an EV level that would result in a significantly over-exposed picture. For a long time, most Sony cameras have had a tendency to need the EV turned down in daylight.

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I just remembered to ask what were your settings when the bracketing failed Chong?

I will tell you why I'm asking this question: when you are at the extreme settings, e.g. Aperture Priority, f1.8, ISO100, 1/2000, the camera will only take a couple of shots because the third one will always fall out, due to the camera not being able to adjust settings to compensate for the EV change.

If you want to confirm that the camera is working fine just make sure to take a picture when at least one of the parameters is not at the extreme value, ok?


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