NEX6 vs 5n + EV

Started Feb 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
Omoe New Member • Posts: 8
Re: NEX6 vs 5n + EV

I was also wondering about the EVFs. What are the real advantages?

I was really in doubt about buying the NEX 5R or the 6. I went for the 5R simple because it came out sooner, where I live, and I went on vacation soon after the release. To me it made no sense to buy the 5N.

Now I really like my 5R, the touchscreen is so good for flexible spot AF. I think it is the only way to use that function.
Also I really did not have any problems with the LCD screen in direct Sun light. Just set it to "Sunny Wheather".

A few months later I looked through the NEX 6/7 EVF and although it is very sharp, it is so tiny. Do you guys really benefit from it? I do not use flash often, so I would not mind putting an EVF on the 5R port.

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