Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

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Re: Canon 6D - Most versatile landscape camera ever made.

rrccad wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Johan01 wrote:

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone would get upset that the D800 might be a lesser tool in the right hands. You can always count on some DPR users to avoid reading comprehension and start attacking things that are not true or ever stated.

Upset? No. Just correcting misinformation.

I've given a very thoughtful effort into figuring out what works best in the cases I have given. It's not like I am giving Canon any free pass here. I obviously see the flaws in their design as well.

Where have I mentioned 7D? I said the 5D2 was the loudest POS ever, pretty much and the 6D is just in a whole different league to all previous Canon's (except 5d3) as well as the D800, in reduced shutter noise. My knees make more noise than the 6D.

I even state how bad the 6D autofocus can be in my testing, along with how bad it would be for non-landscape handheld work, like weddings.

I have faith that the reasonable folks who are not blinded by brand loyalty can clearly see how I came to reasonable conclusions.

i cant be blinded by brand loyalty...I use Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Mamiya, Voigtlander, Shen hao, Linhof, etc. I have actually used the 6D a fair bit. i didn't like the cheap feel nor the small size in my hands. At least though, I don't make comments about camera not having MFA when they do.

I think he was talking about MFA at both ends of a zoom.

This is a nice feature also implemented in 5DIII. Nevertheless AF accuracy from body itself and properly calibrated lenses are still the key. MFA will not fix severe AF issues such as reported by some D800 and D7000 owners. MFA is useful for further fine-tune already calibrated body and lenses especially on long tele-lens with TCs. Personally I have not used MFA on 1D3, 5D2 and 5D3 as they all sharp with my collection of lenses. 5Dc and 60D that don’t have MFA don’t have AF accuracy issues either.

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