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Re: Some lens-choice questions.....

RBFresno wrote:

If you are indeed comparing the old 24-120 (pre 2003 non-VR) lens to the new 24-120 F/4 VR, then the results that one can get with the newer lens ought to be significantly better with the new lens.



Hey RBF,

I have no argument with that. In fact, I finally had a look at the images I shot with the 24-120D.

Although not bad, with a more critical eye I feel the edges were generally a little soft, but more importantly there was some notable CA mostly as blue fringing on high contrast areas.

With that in mind, although I could purchase a used 24-120D for around $150, Im not going to do so.

Since the first version of the 24-120VR was (to put it kindly) hit or miss as to whether you got a good one, I'll just have to save my pennies for either the f4 version, or maybe even the 28-300VR.

Remember, from my perspective we're speaking about a general purpose lens. I already have the excellent 24-70, and have shot some spectacular landscapes with it (the scenery was spectacular - not necessarily my photographs!!!).



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