A small eye opener, for me at least- Rez of RX100 is greater than a 12mp sensor but...

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Re: A small eye opener, for me at least- Rez of RX100 is greater than a 12mp sensor but...
Remember that the framing of the studio scene is held constant, so if a camera uses a longer equivalent FL, then the shooting distance will be longer too. The SX50 wouldn't perform any better if shooting at 850mm equivalent instead, from a 10x greater distance.

Thank you, Steen.
I didn't realize that the frame was held constant.  That seems like a fair way to do it.
Shouldn't the result be that all of the compared pictures are the same size?  The Pentax 645D has its picture magnified much more than the others.
Measuring the distance between the old lady's eyes on my monitor, I get:
------------------------Equiv Focal Length--------------Distance Between Eyes
Pentax 645D------------120 mm-----------------------------------35 mm
Sony RX100---------------50 mm--------------------------------- 24.5 mm
Canon S100---------------76 mm----------------------------------20 mm
Canon SX50---------------85 mm----------------------------------20 mm
To YiannisPP:  Thanks for your real-world comparison.  You have nearly the same frame for both cameras.  The RX100 does show more detail than the SX220 (on the nearest retaining wall, for example).

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