NEX-6: Why did Sony not address the duplicate dial flaw?

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Re: NEX-6: Why did Sony not address the duplicate dial flaw?

nosnoop wrote:

It's because they do not consider it a "flaw".

This was their UI design. Whether you agree with them or not, things did not happen by accident, and things did not get "left out" by chance. How many buttons, how many dials etc were all part of their design of this camera.

If we have a say in reassignment of dials and buttons, we would all have it done differently.

I don't think so; as much as I like me Nexs, the UI has been fundamentally flawed from day 1 . It's like an intern from the gaming department designed it , or someone threw extra stuff into a phone camera software .

I don't expect Sony to be as familiar with cameras as Canon and such - even though it's not rocket science - but they got it right with the R1, and the DSLRs are ok, so why that mess with the Nex UI ?

Cameras have been around for a while, with dials and complex software that just work ; maybe reinventing controls isn't for someone who doesn't offer a quick access submenu for most used functions, buries essentials like IS deep inside the menu, creates erratic button and dial assignments - can you do worse than the Nex 7 ? - and does not even understand how remote control and auto-bracketing can't be mutually exclusive .

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