How much is reasonable for a hobbyist to spend on camera gear?

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Re: How much is reasonable for a hobbyist to spend on camera gear?

Alex Notpro wrote:

I'm just wondering if there's a rule of thumb (or just your own opinion), like they have for other items such as engagement rings, to spent "two months' salary", or for housing, to spent "a third of your income" or whatever?

I will pick the best answer for my own purposes

I wish I hadent seen this post. After about 2 weeks of gnashing my teeth, pulling my hair out and driving my kids and wife crazy i decided to replace my 10yo canon 20d with a d600 - 16-35 and 50mm 1.8G. set up

The way i look at it is that, sure -- many more economical cameras can create memorable photos and if you are not in it for the $$ (which i am not) makes the decision to spend over $3k a difficult one.

I suspect that this camera will last me a long time. My canon some times powers down on its own so i suspect its on its way out. Anyrate back to the main question. I spent money that i had in the bank. no credit was used. everything I own is paid for (except my house). I do save in many areas, such as my truck which has 100K miles and i take care of will last me another 10 years. most people buy vehicles on credit every 3 to 5 years and as soon as they drive off the lot loose enough $$ to buy a new full frame set-up and they have nothing to show for it other than new car smell. i bought my truck used. I dont have cable and i save in many areas of my life. Most importantly when i get behind the camera i am disconnected from everything else. ive been taking pictures for 30 years and it feels good to get absorbed by it. plus i have a few friend who i plan 3 day road trips with which are all about taking pictures. great time with good friends and good travel is something that if you ever find yourself on your last leg contemplating your life you will cherish and not regret doing it. life is short and you cant take the $$ with you.  Also when i was younger Id spend every week in bars and parties enough that after a year was a substantial amount of $$

I think you get the "picture" -- only you can answer that question.

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