Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Re: Why is EVF a negative thing?

Alphabart wrote:

Thanks for the comments guys.
I asked this question to get a feeling how people think of it, and to see if we live in a bubble
I can agree that the Highend cameras with OVF are great, I started out with minolta in the time there were only OVFs. But back then I just shot, and didn't knew what I was doing (up to the A200)
On the A77 the EVF brought me one big advantage and that is the learning curve. Instantly I could see what a change of settings does with the image. I know many people starting, are dazzled with camera options and the stop triangle is like magic and hard to learn.
But with the EVF I got more sense what I was doing and what different settings did.
That to me did it with OVF's, even if they are cristal clear.

the advantage for you is not one that most sony advocates would like to talk about.  it implies that evf is noobie-oriented.  i have the sony a550 with it's small OVF.  last year i bought a nikon as i didn't want to upgrade to an EVF (even tho the sony line has plenty of advantages).

the number 1 viewfinder to me is the hybrid evf/ovf in the fuji cameras.  i can only hope that this is the future. beautiful and clear when you want it, evf when it's dark or for more accurate live view style focusing.

both sides have circled their wagons tho and reasonable discussion usually degenerates fast.  what i find very bothersome is the slow turn-on of the evf when i raise it to my eye.

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