7D upgrade or stick with 60D?

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Arizona13 wrote:

I am actually losing sleep over this one. LOL I'm so stuck what to do.

Not worth losing sleep over.

I've been an SLR owner for several years now. Started out with the Rebel, then the T1i, then in December I upgraded to the 60D. I went with the camera/lens bundle at Costco.

Which Rebel? The original Digital Rebel/300D?

And after a few months I am still debating if I made the right choice. Something just seems off with the camera and I cant put my finger on it. Or maybe its the mystery of the 7D...lol As a mom of 3 kids (including a 2 yr old) catching split of the moment pics with manual (which I have been learning along with Raw shooting). So for fast spur of the moment- run for my camera shots are shot in Auto. But as the kids age, and I am more comfortable with manual....that will be my future emphasis.

Are you referring to manual exposure? If so, the 7D isn't going to be any faster.

Lenses- I have the orginal that came with my rebel: 18-55 mm, 75-300 mm, a soon to be 50mm portrait lens, and the 18-200mm that came with the camera. I actually had the older version 28-135 mm lens up till this past summer when it broke and my warrenty ran out a few months before (figures). I actually LOVED that lens b/c again with kids- when hiking, on vacation, or at home, it was a good anywhere lens that I could use for a variety of subjects. As juggling lenses and catering to kids is tricking lol. So i thought the upgraded 18-200 mm would be a good upgrade. But the lens creep, which I read is normal for that lens, is really driving me crazy. I know there is a lock on it, but I know Im going to be forgetting about it and miss spur of the moment pics.

The original 18-55 kit lens was fine in it's day but even the second generation 18-55 is a huge improvement. And the newer 18-55 lenses are cheap since most people mistakenly assume the lens is junk (which it certainly isn't). On the used gear forums you can easily pick up a second or third generation 18-55 lens for $100. They get image stabilization too.

I own the original 75-300 and it is by far the least used lens I own. But IQ seems to vary from one copy to the next, some people think it's a great lens. I guess my copy wasn't one of the better ones.

The 28-135 gets a lot of negative feedback on the forums, not all of it deserved or warranted. This is another lens that is always for sale on the used gear forums, typically for less than $200 and usually in like new condition. If you liked the lens I'd suggest picking up another one.

So Im wondering if i should go with the 7D instead, gives me a little more range to advance, it has more focal points and its durability. As I am frequently taking pics of our arizona dust storm and at times I have accidently wacked my old T1i good several times when out hiking in the mountains. Plus, it comes with the old all in one lens that broke.

Weather sealing is definitely much improved on the 7D, build quality several notches better than the Rebels. I own the Digital Rebel/300D and it's been bounced around a fair amount over the years but keeps on chugging although I avoid things like blowing sand.

Im just so confused on what to do. I even thought about keeping my T1i for now and just investing in a few more lenses. But when i picked it up today after being so used to the 60D the past few months, I just didnt like the feel of it. LOL it felt like an old point and shoot in my hands. .....

Glass is always an excellent investment if you plan on staying with the DSLR format. Bodies come and go, lenses stay with you for a long time. Have to agree about the newer Rebels, the ergonomics just don't work for me either. At some point they went with a smaller grip and that still keeps me from buying one. But the bang for the buck factor with the Rebels is hard to ignore.

For those of you that have the 60D or 7D..... what are your thoughts? Thanks so much in advance for your help. Oh, and btw the camera can be returned no questions asked within 3 months of purchase, so I still have time to bring back the 60 if I choose to go with the 7D.

I own the 7D, paid full MSRP when it was first released. Handling is about as good as it gets for me. It's a heavy camera, built like a tank, super responsive, and feature laden. But the 60D has the same sensor with less of the vertical banding. I've only played around with the 60D in the stores but find the ergonomics very close to the 7D and the build quality seems okay. And the 60D AF seems to work better, at least from the posts I've seen in the forums.

From your post it looks like the lenses are taking the brunt of it, several have stopped working or are broken. The L lenses are typically robust and survive rough handling better but they will put a dent in your budget. The kit lenses are a fraction of the cost, have decent if not excellent IQ, hold up okay with a little due diligence, and can be replaced easily and inexpensively when they finally poop out.

Would I upgrade from the 60D to a 7D? Probably not at full MSRP. Prices have dropped since it was released and it's a lot of camera for the money, even more so now. But to be honest, from your post it looks like the lenses are not holding up over time. The 7D isn't going to help much on that regard.

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