4900 - small printhead problem

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Re: 4900 - small printhead problem

Kristian Rickert wrote:

I have a 4900 and I'm printing the print pattern and noticed that the LLK has one block that doesn't seem to go away no matter now many times I do a cleaning (extreme and regular). Should I be worried?

I'm still under warranty, but if this isn't a big deal I'll just print for now and get it repaired.

The auto check says everything is clean though, it's just this one single block that happens when trying to clean the print head.

In my experience, there are several items that you may want to consider.

First, DO NOT WORRY about the one LLK block.  It doesn't make a difference at all with your prints!

I spent a great deal of time, energy, ink, and money learning this lesson.  The ENEMY of GOOD is BETTER!

Remember the story of President Garfield?  He was shot but it wasn't fatal and didn't hit any vital organs.  He would've most certainly survived.  But doctors kept putting their fingers in the wound, probing for the bullet.  As a result, he got infected and died.

However, it is not simply OK that part of a nozzle is blocked.  Typically it will clear itself but it could get worse.

Well before your warranty ends, get it serviced so that it is perfect when you no longer have that insurance.  Please also know that in my experience, the replacement units I have received also had problems.  This is frustrating as it appeared I was trading one problem for another.

For now, do not try to correct a problem and "doesn't really exist."

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