How much is reasonable for a hobbyist to spend on camera gear?

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Cost benefit analysis, sort of...

Alex Notpro wrote:


I will pick the best answer for my own purposes

Hehe, I like your last statement in your post. Pretty well the way I do it for most situations in life

The cost / benefit analysis should include your interest level (just a little or the 'only thing on bucket list'), your previous hobbies (ie, do you stick with hobbies, how long, how much time have you got) and you budget.

For me Interest level was a 9/10. I love photo and images and I have always thought photography would allow me to be creative (Since I have two left thumbs when it comes to painting or drawing:-).

I tend to stick with hobbies for the long haul but don't add a lot of them so I still have time to do the hobbies I am currently engaged in. Say 9/10 (years in this case) again.

My budget for non essential items is $1500 - 2000 per year

(Int level) 90% X (hobby min) 9 years X $1500 = $12,150

(Int level) 90% X (hobby min) 9 years X $2000 = $16,200

So the answer for me was between $12,000 and $16,000 and that is what I spent. Cheers

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