Is it impossible to get valuable critique on such a forum?

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Re: very nicely done

Carlos Rivera wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

As you know, this is a lovely photo, Carlos, very nicely done. I would be proud to have this in my portfolio and the lady should be happy to have such a lovely rendering of her likeness.

IMO, it is this kind of photo that best demonstrates why photos are beneficial to a so-called "gear" forum, because it demonstrates so well what the gear is capable of doing. If you can do this with this camera, lens and supporting gear, then others know what is possible, what they can strive to achieve.

The problem is that novice users don't yet know enough to know what questions to ask and what answers are important, when they view a photo like this or when they offer a photo for CC.

IMO, especially in a "gear" forum, a photo should always be accompanied by the relevant facts. What lens is used on what body, with or without flash and what kinds of flash units, at what exposure settings. It is nice that DPR now displays basic EXIF data, but that isn't sufficient. It says that your photo was taken with a lens at 120mm, which is not always helpful in determining the lens model.

At times, that stuff can be very important. For example, your photo demonstrates that the popular belief that long lenses like 120mm are "too long" for portraits, is not true.

I'd be interested to know more of your setup, like the lens utilized, any cropping or softening of the skin done in post, and your light sources. It looks like you have 2 primary light sources, but I can't tell if they are speedlights into umbrellas, windows or what.



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I used two photography umbrella flash that I borrowed from my neighbor, so I don’t remember the brand, used the 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6 that according to Kenrockwell “is one of nikon’s 10 worst lenses of all time” and adobe Photoshop CS5 with the imagenomic portraiture filter. I don’t recall the specific settings or techniques used in adobe. I just make cropping adjustment and any other required retouch by trial and error and personal taste. However I did posted the above photo with other ones from the same girl and requested C&C and by your advice and recommendation from this forum the selected photo won the Dpreview challenges contest. So I strongly believe that you can get great advice and C&C from this forum. See old thread

well, I don't understand why anyone would want extreme sharpness in a portrait. nice catchlight btw.

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