7D upgrade or stick with 60D?

Started Feb 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: 7D upgrade or stick with 60D?

I have both cameras and I too started with a 60D. My experience was similar to yours in that the 60D just didn't seem right coming out of the box. I had struggled over the 7D vs. 60D during the purchase process and probably should have gone with the 7D all along. After fretting over the 60D for 18 months or so I sent the it back to Canon, who made some adjustments to the AF system and it came back with improved AF.  In the menatime, the 7D bug had bitten hard, so. I bought a 7D this past summer and it's my primary go-to camera. The 60D still gets some use, primarily if I go hiking or engage in some activity that could put the camera at risk. I shoot mostly RAW with the 7D and occasionally RAW plus JPEG. The 60D usually goes JPEG only. I got the 7D just before the 2.0 firmware was released, so it was like I bought a camera, then got a newer camera 6 weeks later! The current 7D prices are very good and based on what others have said, the 7D MkII will likely carry a $600-800 premium over the current 7D when it ships. For now, I'm really enjoying the 7D . If the 7D MkII tempts me, I figure it'll drop in price by the time I really convince myself it's needed. In the meantime, I get to enjoy the cool features of the 7D and improve my techniques.

I don't think you would go too wrong buying the current 7D model.

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