Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Re: Why is EVF a negative thing?

Alphabart wrote:

In a lot of comparisons on the internet EVF is bad, and OVF is the best? Why is something different counted as bad? I can;t stand it anymore hahaha.
But honestly, I prefer EVF big time

I can see why people prefer OVF in top notch FF cameras. Those viewfinders have fine optics and deliver some serious quality.

Almost all aggressive OVF defenders I personally know have beginner to amateur DSLRs (with very bad OVFs, D5000, 1100/500/600D) and never used an EVF for more than five seconds.

Where do their arguments come from? From random internet comparisons of high quality FF camera OVFs with EVFs! They love to overlook that most of those arguments don't apply to their own cameras OVFs. I gave up arguing about VFs :D.

People tend to dislike what they can't have and twist the facts to their liking (Instead of admiting that it is an advantage to be able to review photos in the EVF my "peer" makes jokes about how funny it looks to do that. Their solution in brigt sunlight? - None. They just don't check their pictures :D).

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