Another strange bug with D4, possibly D800!?!?

Started Feb 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Just a small story, Roland

When I first complained about the changes in the D600/D800/D4 behavior concerning AF-on and focus priority, I had to explain on the telehone the most experienced guy of Nikon Netherlands (van Stijn, well known here) what was actually different compared to the D700/d300/d3/d3s/d3x and the d7000. Once he saw what was going on (as many others did here on the forum) he simply stated 'Ooh, it must be designed that way'. He did not even bother to verify this with Nikon Japan. But on this forum several confirmations about the intentional change in functionality can be found, so he was right.
So you should not be too suprized if in Germany the Nikon staff does not understand what is going on wth a D4. Things are getting complicated even for them. Heck, even in Japan the cannot clearly explain how it works (just read the manual and you know what I mean).


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