Comments please on photo wanted 5D MIII

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Re: Comments please on photo wanted 5D MIII

billorg wrote:

Are there any redeeming qualities to this picture I took? Canon 5DMIII and Sigma 12-24 @12mm Just really wanted to test this lens out and we had a nice day. Comments please, thanks. Click "View: original size" link to see best quality - it definitely loses impact the way it looks below. Bill

I'm afraid it doesn't do anything for me.  e.g. not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at. The house is too far away, the trees are uninteresting and the grass and the sky are a bit boring (I guess you could try cropping out the bottom part of the grass and also PPing the sky a bit more to make it look more dramatic).

If it was a photo of my house I might think differently about it though.

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