Why is EVF a negative thing?

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Re: Why is EVF a negative thing?

Benarm wrote:

Its not a "negative thing", EVF vs OVF is an Apples vs Oranges comparison. There are pros and cons for each, and its up to end users to determine what is right for them. Some people are quite stubborn to change and will badmouth anything new, hence why it might seem like EVF is a "negative thing". Those who prefer EVF are less vocal since they're spending their time taking pictures.

IMHO, EVF is the future but there are plenty of room for improvement until it can truly replace OVF. Same goes for on-sensor auto-focus and electronic shutter.

Sadly, many people are tribal.  Today, tribal identity is applied to brand choices, and things such as -- somewhat astonishingly -- which kind of camera viewfinder they prefer.  People will, compulsively, turn any decision into a symbol of tribal identity.

The problem is amplified by people who demand absolutism in their answers.  This is typically done on-line by asking questions of a general nature, about ranking or about good/bad or positive/negative, without giving any specifics.

This, in turn, leads to a parade of straw men, each no more real than the one before, set on fire in public to the fire-starters enjoyment, but providing neither light nor warmth.

OP:  For me, an OVF provides a level of detail and a fidelity to what my eyes see without the intervention of a machine that helps me make better pictures.  The better question than the one in your subject line -- assuming you are trying to learn, and not simply gather attention -- might take the form: "I want to do X, would Y help me?"  "Good" and "Bad" are only meaningful in context.  I don't think you provided any.

Benarm:  about that straw man.  This is just a rediculous statement:

"Those who prefer EVF are less vocal since they're spending their time taking pictures. :)"

Even with the smiley.

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